Door Holders are those who take ownership and great pleasure in opening a way for others to see and experience Jesus. We have a number of amazing teams you can serve on, like kids (mainly preschool), students, parking, production and many more. We would love to invite you to become a Door Holder!

It's Not Just About Coffee

For Irene Adolfson, serving coffee on Sunday mornings is about a lot more than just giving guests a jolt of caffeine. It’s about connecting with people and helping them feel welcome. Seeing a familiar smile every week may be just the thing that brings a guest back to our campus a second or third time. Irene makes a point to listen to the people she serves – like the single mom, harried after a hectic morning, who relished the opportunity to sit and relax after dropping her kids off in the nursery. This is just one of the many stories Irene recently heard.

Aside from serving, Irene also coordinates the volunteers for our Coffee Bars, and she’s looking for others to give great service with a smile. This is an opportunity to make our members and our guests feel welcome and to get to know people you might not otherwise connect with.

Areas to Serve