Dr. Ronny Marriott

Senior Pastor

Christopher Cass

Executive Pastor

Bruce King


Bill Howell

Pastor: Senior Adults & Music

David Couch

Pastor: Connections & Small Groups

Chad Discher

Interim Pastor: Kids

Cathy Falls

Senior Pastor Assistant

Jay Young

Pastor: Jr. High Students

Melinda Crites

Childrens Assistant

Tina Falcone

Student Intern

Sherry Carrington

Music Assistant

Denise Turner

Financial Assistant

Jimbob Brown

Production Manager

Cindy Haden

Director of Promises

Martha Pinon

Associate Director of Promises

Kelly Farley

Assistant at Promises

Sylvia Landers

Director of Child Development Center

Carmen Howell

Assistant Director of Child Development Center

Karen DePaula

Director of First Learning Place

Annette Green

Preschool Associate

Clay Rickard

Childrens Associate 1-4 Grades

Larry Smith

Preteen Associate

Shane Burlison

Communications & Worship Leader

Keris Fleck

Recreation Assistant

Jennifer Brown

Recreation Assistant

Katy Wakin

Fitness & Wellness Associate

Sam Ross

Interim Pastor: Students

Jennifer Geeo

Resource Room Coordinator

Morgan Landers

Upward Sports Associate

Bettie Baggette

Trustee, Term - 1

David Layman

Trustee, Term - 1

Dan Woodard

Trustee, Term - 1

Rocky Bransom

Trustee, Term - 2

Les Paul Vernon

Trustee, Term - 2

Donna Hollowell

Trustee, Term - 2

David Smith

Trustee, Term - 3

Ronald Kuehler

Trustee, Term - 3

Dave Irby

Trustee, Term - 3

Morris Whitlock

Trustee, Term - 4

Steve Mullen

Trustee, Term - 4

Larry Fisher

Trustee, Term - 4
Staff Resource Committee
Hurshell Brown (chair), Troy Thompson, Alicia Berry, Shelly Melia, JB Myres, Steve Montgomery, Suzanne Morton, Claudia Harrell, Jesse Roberts
Stewardship Committee

Jeff McGee (Chair), Thomas Elliott (Co-Chair), Craig Watkins, John Moore, Norman Ground, Jerry Thompson, Kathy Perkins, Melvin Ables, Wayne West